Kevin's Ewing's Sarcoma Fund

What started as a one family's fight to save their own son has grown into a much larger goal, to save every child from this horrible disease.

Ewing's Sarcoma is comprised of a group of four different, rare, form of cancer, collectively known as the Ewing's Family of Tumors (EFT). Ewing's Sarcoma is highly aggressive and requires extremely aggressive therapy to treat the disease. About 250 cases are diagnosed every year in the United States.  

Through the generosity of the community, Kevin's Ewing's Sarcoma Fund continues to fund research headed by Dr. James Amatruda at UT Southwestern. Dr. Amatruda and his team have been making significant discoveries on the causes of Ewing's sarcoma through zebra fish research. 

With your help, we can eradicate this disease and give children all over the world a fighting chance at life!

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Upcoming Events! 

13th Annual Event will be a Kevin's Ewing's Sarcoma Fund Raiser Only!